DIY Kitchen Wall Tiles: Tips for Decorating Your Kitchen

12Your kitchen is a very important room in the home. It is often used as a communal area rather than just a space in which to cook, and for that reason it is important that you put some effort into decorating your kitchen to make it feel just right.

Kitchen wall tiles are one of the most popular features that you can include in your kitchen. However, how should you go about laying these tiles on your own if you want to practice your DIY skills?

Here are some quick tips which will help you to get the results you are after.

Preparation is Key

Any form of tiling requires good preparation before you can do anything else, so always spend a good amount of time ensuring that the surface of the wall where you are going to be laying the kitchen wall tiles is not only clean but smooth and level as well.

If you need to carry out some plastering to make it level then make sure you do, otherwise the end result could turn out to be a bit of a disaster.

Remember that laying tiles on top of old tiles is not recommended unless you have no other option. If you are able to remove the old tiles then use a hammer and chisel, and be careful!

Choose a Sealer

The next stage in laying your kitchen wall tiles involves applying a sealer, which you should ideally do after you have sandpapered the surface of the wall. The sealer will keep the adhesive moist for a longer period of time so it is an essential part of the procedure.

Get it Straight

No one is going to be pleased with wonky tiles, so to make sure you lay them straight you should make use of wooden battens. You should stick these into place with the help of a spirit level to ensure that you start off correctly, and then do the same vertically so you can start to lay your kitchen wall tiles in straight lines.

Get Gluing

Now is the time to start spreading the adhesive to the wall, and you can do this by using a tooth spreader which will help to make it more even. Always follow the guidelines on the adhesive.

Once you have spread the adhesive over an area, press the tiles into place and make sure that you separate them using a spacer, then remove any excess adhesive between the tiles.

Apply the Grout

Once the adhesive is dry and the tiles are firmly in place, you should apply the grout to the gaps between the kitchen wall tiles. The type of grout you use will depend on the tiles, so get some advice if you are unsure.

Wipe away the excess grout, and then leave it to dry. Then simply polish the surface of the tiles to make them clean and you will have finished the job.


Lay Your Own Kitchen Wall Tiles

This is a basic guide to laying kitchen wall tiles yourself, so hopefully they will give you a better idea about what is involved in the process. However, if you are not comfortable doing it yourself then hire in a professional to get the job done for you properly and save yourself the hassle.

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