Transform a Plain Wall With Simple DIY Home Decorating Tips

2Give a sparse space a makeover.

We are not all blessed with a fireplace on which to place treasures, but now you can fake one! Here are a few handy tips and tricks on how to transform a plain wall in your living space into something of a feature and talking point.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to redecorate a room. I’ve listed three great ideas on ways to spruce up a plain looking wall.

A Fake Fireplace – How to do it

Measure and mark out two pairs of pillars on your wall – we suggest 90cm apart, 100cm high and 6cm wide for each pair. Invest in blue masking tape, which won’t rip the paint off your wall (ask for it at your local hardware store).

Choose the shade you want your fireplace to be. We opted for plain black paint, but don’t be afraid to experiment with color – and fill in the spaces between the tape.

When it dries, carefully peel off the masking tape to reveal the base of your fireplace. We used a shelf as the mantelpiece, but you could paint another stripe at the top.

A Funky Wall Display – Make it.

Make a wall display from small canvases and embossed paper. Simply tape the paper to the canvas, ensuring there are no crease lines.

Dress up a wall.

For an eye-catching effect on a plain wall, use black and white photos in cluster frames to create a classic look.

Arranging objects that complement the tones of the wall will help draw attention to your display.

A Fake Window – Hang it.

Why not hang some curtains around a landscape painting or photo? This will give the illusion of a picture window. Take a picture of a beautiful landscape outside and have it blown up by a printer to poster size. This is a unique way to display art as well as creating the illusion of more space with a framed window.

Don’t be afraid to try something different. Remember your house should reflect your personality so if you have funky eclectic tastes then one of these ideas would suit you down to the ground!

Your only limit is your imagination.

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